Dementia Training For Life has been awarded the 2019 Health and Wellness Business Accelerator Impact Award by Providence’s Social Enterprise Greenhouse, a non-profit that provides social entrepreneurs and enterprises with the tools and networks they need to thrive.

Meg Wirth, the Director of Health and Wellness Venture Development at Social Enterprise Greenhouse said, “We are thrilled that Dementia Training for Life is a winner of the Impact Award for this Accelerator Cohort and we are thankful to Delta Dental of Rhode Island for sponsoring the award. Training the health professionals to international standards in dementia care is Dementia Training for Life’s core competency and we are confident the ripple effect of their work will be felt throughout the state and beyond.”

Laurie Mantz, OTR, CADDCT, CFRDT, founder and CEO of Dementia Training for Life made made note of the work they have been able to do in the community, saying, “I am honored to have Dementia Training for Life recognized by the Social Enterprise Greenhouse Accelerator Program. We have been training healthcare professionals and first responders for 2 years now offering advanced certification, onsite coaching and CEUs. We also work directly with people living with dementia and their care partners at RI’s Memory Cafés, currently being held in 9 communities throughout the state.” Further, she spoke to the profound impact of promoting Dementia competent practices, noting that, “We have shown that with proper training, support and systems we can empower healthcare providers, first responders and care partners assist individuals living with dementia to adapt to the changes their disease brings and live a purposeful, independent, and joyful life.”

Laurie Mantz of Dementia Training for Life pictured with SEG award

For more information about Dementia Training for Life’s programs visit their website ,call 401-563-8219 or email them at