Age Well study offers insights on how to better support resident happiness & life satisfaction


What factors are related to the happiness and life satisfaction of Life Plan Community residents? Explore this question in the latest report based on the Mather Institute’s landmark, five-year Age Well Study. Findings from the third year of this five-year longitudinal study focus on happiness and life satisfaction among Life Plan Community residents. It provides data that can help organizations strengthen programs and strategies to support residents’ emotional wellness. Findings are based on responses from 4,191 residents from 122 Life Plan Communities around the United States.


Findings include:

  • Approximately 92% of respondents were highly satisfied with the place where they live. This reflects residents’ attitudes at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic since the survey was conducted January through May 2020.
  • Life Plan Community residents’ average happiness and life satisfaction scores are near the top of the range.
  • The personality traits of extroversion & agreeableness were both associated with greater happiness and life satisfaction.


The results reinforce the effects of happiness on multiple areas of health. Learn to provide residents with opportunities for strengthening their optimism, resilience, and feelings of community belonging, thus increasing their happiness.

Download the full report HERE