Four RI Assisted Living Communities Designated LGTBQ Safe Zone

Safe Zone LogoA BCBSRI Safe Zone logo  identifies a healthcare practice or provider that provides safe, affirming, and inclusive care to the LGBTQ community. There are numerous requirements that must be met to earn this certification, including, staff training specific to the care of trans* and LGB people; protection for patients and staff from discrimination based on gender identity or expression; gender neutral bathrooms; inclusive forms and procedures; and a public commitment to connecting with and serving the LGBTQ community.

There is accumulating evidence of health disparities among older adults who identify as LGTBQ, making them an at-risk population. This places an increasing importance on providers to continue work on improving their competency and sensitivity around the needs of  LGTBQ older adults. it is encouraging that BCBSRI designated four Rhode Island Assisted Living communities as LGTBQ safe zones, exemplifying a growing commitment to advancing health equity in the Sate’s Long-Term Care space.


  • Arbor Hill – Aldersbridge Community                                                                                                                            Providence (401) 400-1800
  • Linn Health & Rehabilitation – Aldersbridge Community                                                                                    East Providence (401) 438-7210
  • St. Germain Manor – Aldersbridge Community                                                                                                         Woonsocket (401) 597-5867
  • Winslow Gardens – Aldersbridge Community                                                                                                            East Providence (401) 438-4456



To learn more about other healthcare practices earning this distinction, visit the BCBRI site.