Marching for Meals: Rhode Island Governor Raises Awareness for Nutritional Needs of Older Adults

Rhode Island Governor Dan McKee has declared March as “March for Meals” month to raise awareness about the nutritional needs of older adults and the work of Meals on Wheels of Rhode Island. The campaign kicked off with a celebration attended by Meals on Wheels leaders, and highlighted the organization’s provision of nutritious meals and safety checks to seniors, promoting health and independence.


The initiative commemorates the 1972 Older Americans Act and seeks to emphasize the importance of meeting the nutritional and social needs of seniors. With around 3,500 Rhode Islanders served and 20 million meals delivered since its inception, Meals on Wheels continues to play a vital role in the community. McKee emphasized the social aspect of Meals on Wheels, highlighting the importance of socialization for the well-being of older adults. Learn more about the campaign HERE and HERE.