Secure Your Spot in new ECHO Series on Identifying Community Clinical Linkages to Deliver Dementia and Age-Friendly Care

About The Program

ECHO® is a virtual learning community offered at no cost. Participants may also be eligible for a $250.00 incentive payment. This all-teach, all-learn model includes a brief presentation from a subject-matter expert followed by a case study to elicit discussion and recommendations. Participants exchange information, experiences, cases, and ideas and receive feedback from other participants and the multidisciplinary hub team of content experts.

The program will focus on strategies to improve care for older adults with dementia based on the 4M framework: What Matters Most, Medications, Mentation, and Mobility. These strategies will help primary care practices and other organizations deliver care aligned with the friendly approach. Participants will collaborate and engage in ongoing learning.  Learn more HERE.                                                                                                 

Who Should Participate?

• Primary care practice providers and teams
• Geriatricians
• Home care agencies
• Nursing home and assisted living staff
• Community health workers
• Nurse Care Managers, RNs, LPNs
• OT, PT, SLP, social work, and behavioral
health clinicians
• Pharmacists
• Other healthcare professionals

Why Participate?

The program aims to promote best practices and evidence-based care for individuals with dementia. It encourages participants to establish a network with like-minded individuals, fostering a supportive community. Additionally, it emphasizes the importance of acquiring and improving skills and competencies necessary to assist care partners effectively.

The initiative advocates for adopting an age-friendly approach in caregiving, prioritizing the unique needs of older adults. Participants have the opportunity to earn Continuing Education Units (CEU) in medicine, nursing, and social work, pending approval. Moreover, full engagement in the program is incentivized with a $250.00 reward. Looking ahead, participants can extend their learning through a quality improvement collaborative set to commence in September 2024, further enhancing their understanding and practice in dementia care. Register HERE