Rhode Island Takes Steps to Improve Services for Older Adults

The House of Representatives approved legislation sponsored by Rep. Lauren H. Carson creating a legislative commission to study the services and programs for older adults in Rhode Island and make recommendations for ways to improve and coordinate them. The Rhode Island House of Representatives has passed a resolution calling for a collaborative study of the state’s current services for older adults. The study will make recommendations for potential initiatives that would help residents, agencies, providers, and the government to better assist older adults to achieve well-being and maximum independence. The 16-member commission that will conduct the study will include representatives from a variety of organizations, including the House of Representatives, the Rhode Island Department of Health, AARP Rhode Island, and the Senior Agenda Coalition of Rhode Island.


The resolution instructs the commission to study a variety of topics, including:

  • The strengths and vulnerabilities of the current system of services for older adults
  • The demographic and financial statistics of older adults in Rhode Island
  • The current state, federal, and local services available to older adults
  • Any duplication of services
  • Ways to coordinate services within agencies and focus on better service delivery
  • Recommendations for the creation of a portal to coordinate aging services
  • Recommendations on mental health, transportation, food access, and health care
  • Recommendations for the funding of services through state, federal, and private grants
  • Recommendations for more efficient distribution and use of these dollars
  • The exploration of more regionalization of services
The study of services for older adults in Rhode Island is an important step in ensuring that the state is prepared to meet the needs of this growing population. The recommendations of the commission will help to ensure that older adults in Rhode Island can live healthy, happy, and independent lives.