RIC Offering Training to Promote Dementia Competent Practice

Dementia training dates


This four-hour and 30-minute training is designed for direct care staff working with older adults and their caretakers. The training is designed to build knowledge related to Dementia and diseases that cause Dementia. Participants will learn the signs and symptoms associated with Dementia with an emphasis on prevention and early detection.

Throughout the training, participants will be invited to explore the care continuum through the lens of people living with Dementia, their caretakers, and the supports and services in place to help them. Participants will have the opportunity to shape their practice with person-centered and trauma-informed approaches as well as effective communication skills. The training will be held on two separate occasions in Gaige Hall, Room 200 at Rhode Island College:

  • 3/17 Tue, 12:30 pm – 5 pm
  • 3/26 Thu, 9:30 am – 2 pm

Participation in this training requires completion of a pre-assessment at the start of training and again 90 days following the training. Participants will also be asked to complete a training evaluation. Eligible participants will be entitled to a stipend of $75 dollars for the combined attendance at training and completion of pre-assessment and training evaluation data. At the 90 day post-assessment, participants completing the assessment will be eligible for an additional stipend of $75. Light refreshments will be provided. If you have questions, you can contact Tonya Glantz at tglantz@ric.edu or call 401-456-4626.