The ReiMAgine Aging Podcast: Chronicling Massachusetts’ Path to Age- and Dementia-Friendly Living

The “ReiMAgine Aging” podcast series chronicles the inspiring age- and dementia-friendly initiatives taking place across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. In 2018, Massachusetts joined the AARP Network of Age-Friendly States and Communities, signaling a commitment to building inclusive communities for all ages.

This podcast highlights the collaborative efforts between the Massachusetts Executive Office of Elder Affairs and the Massachusetts Healthy Aging Collaborative. Together, they are working diligently to implement local age- and dementia-friendly practices while tracking the state’s progress toward becoming an Age- and Dementia-Friendly Commonwealth. However, “ReiMAgine Aging” goes beyond mere reports and statistics. It gives a powerful voice to the very individuals spearheading this movement. Through first-hand accounts, listeners gain invaluable insights into the challenges, successes, and unwavering dedication driving positive change in communities statewide.

Whether you are a policymaker, caregiver, advocate, or simply someone passionate about fostering age-friendly environments, this podcast series is an essential listen. Prepare to be inspired by the remarkable stories of those transforming neighborhoods into vibrant, supportive places where people of all ages can thrive with dignity and purpose. Tune in to “ReiMAgine Aging” and join the vital conversation reshaping how we perceive and experience aging in our society.