Uniting for an Age-Inclusive Future: Why You Should Attend the TSLCA Inclusion Summit




We all deserve to live fulfilling lives, no matter our age. Yet too often, a lack of intentional planning creates barriers that leave older adults isolated and disconnected from their communities. This needs to change. The upcoming Inclusion Summit offers a vital opportunity to come together and explore how we can build a truly age-inclusive society. Whether you’re a community leader, healthcare provider, advocate, or simply someone who cares about ensuring all older adults can thrive, this event has something for you.

The summit’s keynote session will delve into the critical importance of maintaining social connections as we age, and the invaluable contributions older adults make to community well-being. Breakout sessions will then provide practical guidance on inclusion efforts at every level – from individual actions to organizational leadership. Crucially, the event will highlight the need to approach this work through an equity lens, elevating the voices of diverse and marginalized older adults. This is our chance to learn, collaborate, and chart a path toward a future where people of all ages are empowered to live with purpose and meaning. I encourage everyone who cares about building age-inclusive communities to join the conversation at the Inclusion Summit. 


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