WEBINAR: Trends & Population Issues Among Older Adults

This webinar is the second in a two-part series targeted at community health workers that explores the trends and considerations at play as the population of older adults continues to increase. The webinar, organized by the Center for Benefits Access, will explore key economic security and health issues that affect this population and need to be considered when working with this group, with a specific focus on aging Latinos/as.

Participants will be exposed to:

  • Key data on older adults: age, racial/ethnic background, poverty/economic situation, English proficiency/language, health status, and technology use.
  • The future outlook and projections for how these trends will evolve over the next few decades.
  • Critical resources available in the community to assist this population.

This webinar will be offered in English on Tuesday, November 19th and in Spanish on Thursday, November 21st. Register for free HERE

Presenter: Francisco Ronquillo, MA, PA has worked in the education and public health sector for more than 20 years and is dedicated to tackling the social determinants of health and the needs of marginalized populations. His multi-sector collaborators are community health workers/representatives, health council coordinators, community leaders, public and private school personnel, faith-based organizations and other health advocates in the southern and central areas of New Mexico.