2023 OHA Pocket Guide: Resource Guide for Older Adults and Adults with Disabilities.

For the first time in recorded history, there are more people over age 64 in the world than children under five. In Rhode Island, over 31 percent of residents are age 55 or older, compared to 28 percent nationally. By 2030, it is estimated that one in four Rhode Islanders will be 65 or older, while adults living with disabilities in Rhode Island account for 13 percent of the total state population, versus 12 percent nationally.

As we grow older, navigating the various services and support systems available can be confusing and overwhelming. This is why having a comprehensive yet concise pocket manual that outlines all the aging services and supports is invaluable. Such a guide serves as an easily accessible reference for older adults and their caregivers, ensuring they are aware of the full range of resources at their disposal. From health care options and social services to transportation and housing assistance, a well-designed pocket manual empowers older adults to make informed decisions and improve their quality of life. With aging information handily compiled in one portable document, this vital tool helps older individuals maintain their independence, dignity, and overall well-being as they age.

2023 OHA Pocket Guide

Recognizing this, The Office of Healthy Aging (OHA) developed a Resource Guide for Older Adults and Adults with Disabilities. The Pocket Guide is a comprehensive resource designed to equip older adults, adults with disabilities, and their families with the information necessary to navigate the challenges and opportunities that come with aging. It is available to download HERE  but you can also call 401-462-3000 for physical copies. 


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