Better Care for Older Adults: New CMS Initiative Promotes Age-Friendly Hospitals

Age-friendly hospitals are crucial for ensuring older adults receive the best possible care during their stay. These hospitals implement practices that take into account the specific needs of elderly patients, such as:

  • Understanding patient goals and preferences: Care should be tailored to individual needs and what matters most to the patient.
  • Medication management: Medications should be carefully reviewed to avoid interactions and adverse effects, especially for older adults who may be taking multiple medications.
  • Identifying frailty: Frailty is a common condition among older adults that can make them more vulnerable to complications. Hospitals should be able to identify frailty and adjust care accordingly.
  • Recognizing social vulnerabilities: Many older adults face social challenges, such as lack of social support or transportation. Hospitals should be able to identify these challenges and provide assistance.
  • Providing leadership for age-friendly care: Hospitals need strong leadership commitment to create a culture of age-friendly care.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has proposed a new rule to improve care for older adults in hospitals. The measure focuses on the five areas mentioned above. This is a positive step towards ensuring that all hospitals provide high-quality care to their older patients. To learn more about the proposed CMS rule, you can read the full article here. The John A. Hartford Foundation also encourages readers to submit comments in support of the measure by June 10th.