April 16 is National Healthcare Decisions Day. One of the best decisions we can make is deciding “what matters most” to us if we were to face a life-threatening illness. Honoring Choices Massachusetts, a consumer nonprofit organization, created the “Getting Started Tool Kit” to help all adults living and traveling in New England receive equitable care that honors their values and choices. This free, downloadable, and easy-to-use toolkit is designed to help you get started in making a personal health care plan in 3 easy steps!
1) Choosing your health care proxy.
2) Write down your care choices in a personal directive.
3) Talk with your care providers to match care to your choices.

There are 3 main planning documents in the toolkit that can be used to make your personal plan: a durable power of attorney for health care, RI living will, and RI Medical Orders for LifeSustaining Treatment (MOLST). Access the toolkit HERE!