A new survey conducted by AARP illuminates how global employers are uniquely positioned to lead the changes needed to support multigenerational, inclusive workforce ecosystems. The survey consisted of employers in 36 OECD countries and the data was collected in two waves, one in the fall of 2019 and , May 2020. Results were released last week and found that 83% of global business leaders said they recognize that multigenerational workforces — including older workers — are key to growth and the long-term success of their companies.

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The researchers suggest nine action steps employers should consider taking to strengthen age diversity and inclusion in the workplace

  1. Add age to the company’s diversity, equity and inclusion policy.
  2. Craft an age-diverse and inclusive talent strategy that develops all employees’ critical digital and cognitive capabilities, social and emotional skills, and adaptability and resilience.
  3. Provide opportunities for workers to remain and grow on the job.
  4. Invest in lifelong education and training to ensure that workers remain employable.
  5. Enforce policies to combat age discrimination, and adopt age-inclusive practices.
  6. Ensure that recruitment practices are inclusive and that hiring processes are “age-blind.”
  7. Be aware of unconscious biases, and disrupt stereotypes across the continuum of age.
  8. Ensure that diversity training for managers and staff addresses issues related to ageism.
  9. Assess workplace policies, practices and protocols to ensure that they are meaningful to employees regardless of their age or life stage.


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