Passed in 2013, the state Temporary Caregiver Insurance (TCI) law can help family members take time out of work to bond with newborn or adopted/foster children and to care for a seriously ill family member including a:

  • Child
  • Spouse
  • Parent
  • Parent-in-law
  • Grandparent
  • Domestic Partner

TCI provides 60% wage replacement for up to 4 weeks in a 12 month period and job security (return to same or equivalent job).

TCI is entirely paid for through worker contributions. To be eligible, a worker must meet earnings requirements. State government workers and most municipal workers do not pay into the TCI fund and are not eligible

As our population grows older, more workers may need to take time out of work to care for an ill parent or spouse or partner. TCI provides an opportunity to meet these important family responsibilities while offering some income replacement and job protection.

JoEllen’s story is an example of why TCI matters.
Without the TCI program, I would have resigned from my job. My late husband, a Rhode Island physician, was seriously ill for 10 years. Nothing in his many decades of medical work and in my more than 25 years of health care management experience could have prepared us for the challenging roles of patient and caregiver. I honestly could have used a full year of TCI support after my husband returned home following a fall at a skilled nursing facility stay, but I am grateful for the four weeks we received.  He came home in a wheelchair, and I had to rush to install a ramp, grab bars, and other safety devices. We used the four weeks to transition to an even more challenging level of existence that never improved again. He and I needed that four weeks to organize his space, work with our wonderful and supportive home care agency workers, and try to gather some strength for the short time that remained for us to be together.” 

 To download a brochure on TCI (English and Spanish), see Fact Sheets, view a recent informational webinar and learn about legislation to enhance the TCI program, go to:

Submitted by: Maureen Maigret, Policy Consultant