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The 2019 AARP Livable Communities Placemaking Workshop will showcase the many ways local leaders and community volunteers can help to create public spaces that are vibrant, welcoming, safe and accessible. Over the two day workshop,  attendees will:
  • Learn about the economic, social and health impacts of placemaking
  • Be introduced to examples of infrastructure-intensive placemaking efforts that have successfully transformed a city, town, street or neighborhood for the better
  • See how smaller, temporary “pop-up” demonstration projects (including parklets, bike lanes, plazas and alley “activations”) can be used to inspire a community
  • Gain strategies and tools for implementing placemaking projects

AARP Livable Communities Placemaking Workshop — DAY 1 LIVESTREAM

Date: November 12, 2019         Time: 11:00am MST

Topics will include building support for change and the economic impacts of placemaking. Matthew Lister of Gehl Studios will deliver the morning keynote address. Carol Coletta of the Memphis River Parks Partnership provides the afternoon keynote remarks. Other presentations will include panelists from Artspace, Community Builders and Inclusive Action in the City, among other organizations.

AARP Livable Communities Placemaking Workshop — DAY 2 LIVESTREAM

Date: November 13, 2019         Time: 11:00am MST

Topics will include inspiring long-term change, placemaking as a tool for healthier communities, and the social impact of placemaking. The day’s keynote speaker is Odetta MacLeish-White of TransFormation Alliance. Panel discussions will include representatives from the Lakeview Chamber of Commerce (Chicago, Illinois), Idaho Walk Bike Alliance, Bridge of Grace Compassionate Ministries Center (Fort Wayne, Indiana), and the Living Streets Alliance, among others.


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