The Village Common of RI to host workshop series on village development

The Village Common of RI’s first Workshop on village development will begin later this month on the 17th! These workshops are aimed at first, introducing everyone to the concept of a village, and second, to begin working towards making your community more age-friendly through the development of a village for your community. Over the course of these workshops, participants can expect presentations from the Village’s Board of Directors, current village leaders, membership ambassadors, and others as well as a mix of breakout groups, dynamic discussions, and many opportunities for Q&A.


The first workshop will focus on answering fundamental  questions such as:

  • What is a village?
  • What is The Village Common of RI?
  • Why are villages integral in a community?


Date: Thursday, February 17

Time: 9-11am


The mission of The Village Common of RI is to fundamentally change the experience of growing older here in RI by fostering the creation of communities of mutual support – Villages – across the state and by directly supporting their long-term sustainability. Learn more about what they do and how to get involved  HERE